Shadow caster lights cause Character Attachments to stop rendering

Hey guys, we noticed this issue in Miscreated (3.8.6) and narrowed it down to simply large-radius shadow caster lights. I can also repro the issue on vanilla SDK 3.8.6 as well as CEV 5.3.

To repro:
* Place a shadow caster point light in the level
* Increase the radius to something high like ~70m
* Jump in the level (with attachments on your character, the grenades on the hip stow points seem to work (weapons don't for some reason))
* Walk towards or away from the light within the full range of the light (so, 0m <-> 70m)
* Towards the edge of the light, the character attachments will disappear until you're no longer within the bounds, at which point they'll reappear.



Any suggestions on how we can fix this would be appreciated. Will keep an eye out for a fix in future builds.


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