Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 (Major Release)

Title: Unable to save any newly created Schematyc

Steps to Reproduce: Crete any new Schematyc, save, close the "Schematyc Editor", reopen, load the file. See nothing.

I am unable to save my created Schematyc that had a simple mesh and particle, just to test things out. When I close the Schematyc editor and reopen it there is only Signal and Construction graph and nothing else, as if I have never saved it. Thought maybe a common error ?

Here are some extra data . Sorry for the double post:

How it looks before after.



After save and restart


Log from Schematyc Editor (Polkin is the name I gave to my new schematyc, the others are already existing ones. That is a new level created in LightenUp 5.4 project example )

Code: Select all

Compiling class: name = Cloud ... Unable to find environment function! Failed to compile node : name = ----- Failed : time = 0.000165(s), warnings = 0, errors = 2 ----- Compiling class: name = GameCamera ... ----- Success : time = 0.000035(s), warnings = 0, errors = 0 ----- Compiling class: name = GameManager ... ----- Success : time = 0.000088(s), warnings = 0, errors = 0 ----- Compiling class: name = Player ... ----- Success : time = 0.000533(s), warnings = 0, errors = 0 ----- Compiling class: name = Polkin ... ----- Success : time = 0.000045(s), warnings = 0, errors = 0 ----- Compiling class: name = Tree_2p ... Failed to compile node : name = Set Failed to compile node : name = Set Failed to compile node : name = Set ----- Failed : time = 0.000114(s), warnings = 0, errors = 3 ----- Compiling class: name = Tree_Big ... ----- Success : time = 0.000390(s), warnings = 0, errors = 0 -----
A great mate helped solved the mentioned problem.
The solution is to save in first schematyc editor, than saving the level in level editor and lastly "Exporting to Engine"
Hope this helps other people here.

The thread is here if you want to talk further.

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 (Major Release)

  • Platform: Windows
    Build: as shipped
    Version Number: 5.4.0
Feature Request:

1. Ability to expose in Editor(Sandbox) an EntityComponent as member of another EntityComponent when reflecting, this is not possible now or at least i wasn't able to do it, always got compiling errors,
this is possible in UE4(AActor) and Unity(GameObject) ,this feature will allow more flexibility and reusability of the EntityComponent , a simple example: allow a EntityComponent to use another EntityComponent as trigger and able to change from the editor the EntityComponent that acts as a trigger

code ex:

Code: Select all

static void ReflectType(Schematyc::CTypeDesc<MyComponent>& desc) { desc.AddMember(&MyComponent::otherComponent, 'othr', "Other", "Other", "Other Component", nullptr); } protected: IEntityComponent* otherComponent;
2. Add an option in the editor(Sandbox) to generate a CPP Entity Component, similar as UE4 does, that you are able to click on Create Cpp Component, and this will generate cpp boilerplate files ready to use ... index.html

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 (Major Release)

"failed to load material layer shader 'Ping' in material..." console log & class TagPoint not registered with engine
  • Platform: Windows 
    Build: 5.4 as shipped
    Version Number: 5.4.0, build 164
- error messages in log appear when I click on a terrain material in the material editor or change a setting for a submaterial. Sometimes changing a property for a terrain material doesn't update in the viewport and I have to reload the level.
- another separate minor error that I get is when I add a tagpoint to the level. Apparently it's not registered with the engine, because I get a message that says "[Warning] Entity creation failed, class TagPoint was not registered with the engine!"

I fixed the ping error. For some reason, the material layer was set to ping in one of my terrain material files, I just deleted the MaterialLayer block and it fixed all of the errors relating to ping.
I am getting another error regarding invalid surface types. I have a few brush objects and I get the following in the console when I first open up the level:
invalidsurfacetype.JPG (109.33 KiB) Viewed 2286 times
ping mat.JPG
ping mat.JPG (169.64 KiB) Viewed 2310 times
this showed up at startup of a level:
ping startup.JPG
ping startup.JPG (27.69 KiB) Viewed 2300 times

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 Feedback Thread (Major Release)

Sorry about the back to back posts but I feel it's better to have separate posts on different issues, unless a mod says otherwise.

Platform: Windows 
Build: 5.4 as shipped
Version Number: 5.4.0, build 164

underlying material shows up in further LODs when integrating into terrain.
terrainintegrationlod1.JPG (116.87 KiB) Viewed 2197 times
terrainintegrationlod0.JPG (214.41 KiB) Viewed 2197 times

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