Removing UIActions causes a crash in Sandbox!

Title : Removing UIActions causes a crash in Sandbox - Flowgraph Editor
Platform : Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
Build : 143 as shipped.
Version Number : 5.4.0

When trying to create a custom UIACtion the Sandbox Editor crashes when deleting the UIAction name. Deleting the file manually under libs\uiaction works fine then restarting the Editor. The issue is gone. It's just deleting the entry via Sandbox Editor that has issues.

Steps to reproduce :
1. Open up Sandbox Editor.
2. Open up a level.
3. Open up Flowgraph Editor.
4. Create custom UIAction with a name, slick save.
5. Populate UIAction with UI:Action:Start, additional FG nodes and UI:Action:End.
6. Call the UIAction with UI:Action:Control.
7. Rightclick custom UIAction name and click Delete.
8. Crash.

Link to GitHub issue post :

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