[GUIDE] How to submit Build Feedback - READ BEFORE POSTING -

When submitting feedback for the engine build, please make sure your topic is formatted like this:

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Title: [BUILD VERSION] - Gist of Problem/List How to report an Issue/Bug: [list][b]Platform:[/b] e.g. Windows, Linux, Console). [b]Build:[/b] as shipped, or compiled from GitHub? [b]Version Number:[/b] Exact version number: (e.g. A.B.C.D)[/list] [list]How to reproduce this bug: [*]Step 1 [*]Step 2 [*]Step3 [*]etc[/list] Attachments if applicable: DxDiag Crash Report/LogFiles Image of Error notification

Never just post the contents of a DxDiag or Crash Log File into a post! Such posts will be deleted. Use the Spoiler tag to hide massive lines of code etc. so forum pages don't get cluttered.

Please check the following lists and try to provide as much information as possible, if applicable:

General Info:
  • Platform (Windows, Linux, Console).
  • Build as shipped, or compiled from GitHub?
  • Exact version number: (e.g. A.B.C.D)
  • Exact steps to reproduce the bug in bulletpoints
  • DxDiag is also helpful
  • editor.log* if it appears when running sandbox
  • game.log* if it appears when running the game launcher
  • If compiled from GitHub - what customization have been performed?
  • Whether it manifests in Sandbox or Game launcher (or both).
  • Component (Particle system? Audio?)
  • How it currently is.
  • How you would like it to be.
  • Why you would like it to be that way.

*How to get log files:
  1. in the launcher: go to "reveal in explorer"
  2. open the project directory
  3. copy the editor.log / game.log for problems in sandbox and the game launcher respectively

Feedback posts not following these rules and not having enough information might be removed without warning or just not being answered; so please take the time to abide and deliver a structured feedback topic.

Thanks for helping us improve our services and product every day!


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