5.4 Preview Cant open project

I can open the editor by itself but when I try and load a project it crashes.

Windows 10 Pro
5.4 preview downloaded from github

I downloaded the build and sdks from github extracted then place in crytek folder. Opened my project folder right clicked the project and changed the ver to 5.4. I open the project and it starts to load 5.4 preview the crashes. Like I said I can run the editor by itself just not with a project. Not sure where I messed up but any help will be appreciated.
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Re: 5.4 Preview Cant open project

Are you opening a project from 5.3, or are you using the templates supplied with the 5.4 preview? If you are using a 5.3 project you need to rebuild your game-code since the engine's programming interface has changed since 5.3. You can find instructions on how to migrate from 5.3 to 5.4 on the Migrating from CRYENGINE 5.3 to CRYENGINE 5.4 page.

If you are using a 5.4 template for your project keep in mind that you still need to install the CryVersionSelector of 5.4 manually, by following these steps:
  1. Open the CRYENGINE 5.4 installation directory and navigate to Tools/CryVersionSelector.
  2. Press Shift and Right-click in the installation folder to select Open PowerShell Window here or Open Command Line Window here.
  3. Enter the command "cryselect.exe install" in the command line window, and then press Enter.

Re: 5.4 Preview Cant open project

Thank you cry-miron I got it to load as soon as I found the 5.4 templates. I saw the template folder don't know why I did not put it together in my head. I kept trying to use a migrated 5.3 project using the migration steps but had no luck.

I did install the CryVersionSelector with the steps you provided except I had to type in ".\cryselect.exe install" the .\ was required to make it run. Was installing the CryVersionSelector supposed to make the preview build show up in the launcher? It did not show up in the launcher and so i copied a template to my desktop. From there it loaded no problem.

Re: 5.4 Preview Cant open project

No the preview version of 5.4 will not show up in the Launcher. The preview version is completely stand-alone. Installing the CryVersionSelector makes the commands you see if you right-click on a .cryproject or .cryengine file go through the cryselect.exe from the 5.4 version of the engine instead of the already installed cryselect.exe (for example from 5.3 if you've used the Launcher before).

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