Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 PREVIEW dedicated Feedback Thread

  • Platform: Windows
    Build: as shipped
    Version Number: 5.4.0_preview7
Feature Request:

1. Ability to expose in Editor(Sandbox) an EntityComponent as member of another EntityComponent when reflecting, this is not possible now or at least i wasn't able to do it, always got compiling errors,
this is possible in UE4(AActor) and Unity(GameObject) ,this feature will allow more flexibility and reusability of the EntityComponent , a simple example: allow a EntityComponent to use another EntityComponent as trigger and able to change from the editor the EntityComponent that acts as a trigger

code ex:

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static void ReflectType(Schematyc::CTypeDesc<MyComponent>& desc) { desc.AddMember(&MyComponent::otherComponent, 'othr', "Other", "Other", "Other Component", nullptr); } protected: IEntityComponent* otherComponent;
2. Add an option in the editor(Sandbox) to generate a CPP Entity Component, similar as UE4 does, that you are able to click on Create Cpp Component, and this will generate cpp boilerplate files ready to use ... index.html

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 PREVIEW dedicated Feedback Thread

For the 5.4 previews we changed the location where the cryengine.json is located (it's at %USERPROFILE%/.cryengine/cryengine.json in the preview builds). To still have the data about previously installed engines it also checks the old locations where the file was saved, but only writes to the new location. That's why your file wasn't updated after registering the engine again.
For the final release the location is switched back to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Crytek\CRYENGINE so we don't fill your user folder with even more folders. So starting with the 5.4 release the %USERPROFILE% and %LOCALAPPDATA% locations will be deprecated and will only be read from if there is no cryengine.json file located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. But it will only write to the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%.

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 PREVIEW dedicated Feedback Thread

[quote="mind revolution"

- Problem with Env.probe, reflective materials does not see indirect/ambient term that Env.probe bake for shadows, even after second generation of probe it does not fix( old engine workflow). Secons small problem with probe and its reflection - it has some noise, white spots around reflective balls in reflection when smoothness is less than 255( see picture below, second small ball) its old problem from 3.6, etc..


same problem,

solution one :
As a workaround, you need 2 Env.probes, one for shadows, second for reflections.. how do you do that second for reflexions ??

guest two : tothespace said
For people who might be experiencing Env probe issues.#12
Don't use the old env probe. Spawn an entity and add an env probe as its component.

same issue Create-->Object--->Empty Entity
Properties---> attach Component ---> environement probe

same issue.

Edit: creating a second environment probe with Sort priority higher solve the problem, for the first reflection
seem that if you want the reflection of the reflection you need as many as environment probe ,
each one dealing with one reflection at a time,
so kind solve, (need to update the doc.)

so with up to 3 environment probes you can see the reflection of the reflection of the reflection , 3 time should be enough for production use,

Edit: now I doing the exact same thing on another computer and now it work corect reflection on sphere, with one single environment probe

edit: seem to be correct with the Cryengine 5.4 preview 7 for me,
was a latter download ,

second issue texture path

no directories create for textures show in editor ?

where should I put my textures without .pak

sould be gamesdk/textures does Gamesdk/Textures different from gamesdk/textures ?

I read this Asset Browser & Paths

Engine assets can no longer be loaded through the "Engine/EngineAssets" path - This will now have to be changed to "%ENGINE%/EngineAssets". Engine assets will automatically show up in the Asset Browser and will use the new path automatically.

don't have %engine% just C:\Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.4\GameSDK\%EDITOR%

Edit: It seems that you need to import the files (textures) in order to be compile into the editor then they show in the select texture browser,

OMG so much change so hard to cope with,

so process,
File --> Quick Asset Browser
File---> import choose your file Save to (create Folder wait then back to material editor then the texture show off,
seems that dds is no longer suporting fully PBR via Tiff
Texute_Path.jpg (170.07 KiB) Viewed 1765 times

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 PREVIEW dedicated Feedback Thread

thanenbauk, yeah environment probes broken, you need 3 probes to work corectly, actually you can just add one and two components, bake main, than first component, rebake main, than bake second component, rebake main and everything works.. after this you can just bake 2 times main probe and it will accept everything, like old engine workflow..

For textures all you need to do is just drag&drop your textures in asset browser, start from 5.4 you can do this with any texture format, not all, but common, png,tiff, jpeg etc, but only tif format support alpha chanel, and your textures still neeed suffix for them _diff _ddna _spec etc.. so rc can choose right preset for them, also you can change preset directly in engine by double click on image in asset browser if you need, but for common _diff_ ddna etc you dont need to do this....

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 PREVIEW dedicated Feedback Thread

Have to said now with my lastest build Version 5.4.0 Build 164

seems to work here screenshot with one Probe. I don't know how but, it work on one computer but not the other seems to be the same build however,
be sure display is very high

ok for texture just drag an drop into the Asset Browser
only the tiff nesecary ? no more dds

Textures_Process.jpg (88.99 KiB) Viewed 1717 times
Probe.jpg (139.08 KiB) Viewed 1717 times

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