Re: Character Tool (or RC) Error ?

I see you are using the GameSDK. I have not tried the rope entities but I know using the GameSDK default animations will cause issues if you need to recompile or modify them.

Do you have access to the source files of the rope object? (the i_caf seems either corrupted/missing or already compressed and so RC fails in this way).
Try removing the i_caf (backup!) or rename to .caf.

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Re: Character Tool (or RC) Error ?

Hi Uniflare and thank you for the response and for your efforts to keep this forum alive.

About the problem in this topic - I can live with it, as a matter of fact the error message comes only the first time (when the new animation is imported); if I reopen the cdf, the animation is loaded and can be played/visualized; my post was first of all intended to provide Crytek with some feedback, as I was unaware if this behaviour was intended or not.
Other than that, yes, I'm using GameSDK but rope_loop is a character (human) animation (climbing a rope); on the other hand I need to create a rope character and the chr_rope.cdf sample from this link
doesn't seem to work anymore in 5.3.3 (Character Tool says that the skeleton is invalid or such), so this is a real problem !

Thank you again for what you're doing !

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