Feature Attractive " Project Settings " at cryengine 5

Before, the cryengine had a very bad interface Progress has been made over time.
There are many features in other engines.
That , cryengine suffers from it!
One of them is "Project Setting" which is simple!
But in the cryengine, "Project Setting" is not very clear !!!
Below is a "Project Setting" page in one of the engines.
That's perfect and awesome
We, users of crytek, want to extend this feature!!!!

The following options can be managed on this page :

1- Keyboard input
2- Add binary file plugins!(DLL)
3- Icons Project
4- project name
5- Project version
6- Multiplayer options
7- Game mod
8- Splash page
6- Before loading the game window

And other options
I do not know more about this.
I hope "cryengine" becomes user friendly

I saw on the road map the "Add GUI in Sandbox to Manage ActionMaps".
But it does not meet all the demands.
To vote Ideas:
https://answers.cryengine.com/idea/6525 ... ine-5.html

Re: Feature Attractive " Project Settings " at cryengine 5

Hi! Thank you for your feedback, we're always looking on the lookout for improvement suggestions.
As you can see on our roadmap, we're working on ui and workflow improvements - https://www.cryengine.com/roadmap .
At the present moment our ui can be fully adjusted and set up the way the user requires.
You can save your layouts in presets and share those, choosing the one you require for a specific project, this is avialiable under the Layout toolbar menu.

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