Voodoo technology replaces Facial Editor !?

What is Voodoo?
Voodoo is actually an animation software but not a complete 3D Application! Voodoo maker Studios Rhythm & Hues uses this software as a tooling for the processes of rigging, animation, camera tracking, matchmoving, hair, wool and lint making, fabric, population simulation and 2.5-D tasks. So at the very beginning of the work it is well known that there are vacancies in processes such as modeling and texting in this software. Originally, it looked at Voodoo as the Rhythm & Hues studio's R&D team tried to create a tool for artists to use in making animations.
But overall I can say that the main focus of Voodoo software is on Character Animation, and its creators have devised a variety of tools to bring the characters to life. That puts Voodoo at the top of VFX and Animation's proprietary software list. Rhythm & Hues Studios has so far used this software to bring to life many of Hollywood's greatest characters, the most familiar character I can remember Richard Parker in the film Life of Pie.

Here's how to create a face animation with a smartphone only!:
https://www.aparat.com/video/video/embe ... data[as]=1

It's been a long time Facial Editor Dead.
Do you have a plan for Facial Editor?

The next generation of Facial Editor should be like this:
1-Easy to use(No complexity)
2-Internalization (least dependency on other tools)
3-Example Example In project format for quick learning

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