First-time user feedback regarding SDK lua and

I recently started using the sandbox and followed your tutorials. I'd highly recommend upgrading the beginners guide because it really was – and still is – a lot of pain to get through. In particular many tutorial rely on imported assets from the game sdk (like ... our+Player this tutorial assumes the player has the legacy entity spawn point) and there is no real explanation on which sdk capabilities belong to the sandbox and which capabilities have to be imported. So far I had to solve most problems by reverse-engineering tutorials. That said I read that lua is soon to be removed because already deprecated and yet I don't know how to achieve such simple things as player spawn without those legacy entity. Most of these legacy entities (in particular Spawn and ProximityTrigger) also throw lua exceptions at my 5.6 project which leaves me kinda stuck and paralyzed. I mean the best engine and sandbox is worthless if we can't understand how to use it properly. That's why everyone loves Qt so much, perfect doc. Two people in my team already advocate for ue4 because appearently the doc is up to date and clear.

Re: First-time user feedback regarding SDK lua and

Just a quick info: I was overruled and we switched to ue4. I gotta admit the tutorials and docs are damn impressive over there and you don't feel much pain getting into things. Please don't understand this as a "gotcha post" or similar, I still love your engine because it reminds me of crysis 1. But the best car in the world is useless if people can't even open the door properly.

Re: First-time user feedback regarding SDK lua and

Thank you for your feedback, we do listen and are actively taking steps to make the on boarding and learning content easier to digest. We appreciate you taking the time to explain your point of view and we definitely understand the documentation and older learning content is a pain point for new users.

We do hope that when you try CRYENGINE again in the future you will have a better experience. Be sure to join our Discord and to post questions here if you get stuck as the community and our own developers can help provide solutions to your issues.

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