CE main branch questions

A few things:
1) Why is it gone already? Announcement says it should be gone by the 8'th not the 5'th. That it would just stop receiving updates today....
I didn't manage to sync in time :\
2) When will it be back? At least confirm that it will be back in CE 5.7, which means at least 1 year. Previous thread didn't get this ironed out.
3) Can you please package your current (as of July 5'th, last update) main branch SDK's and share'm with me?
Having trouble building python and what not (builds/launches, but lots of spam in logs about 'cant find module sandbox').
Would tide me over until next release or whatever.

4) Why did you just close every single one of my PR's?
"We will make an effort to clean up pull requests in the next couple of weeks, as we want to review as many of them as possible."

I have had no feedback, no messages, and none of these were merged in. If you mean 'ignore/close' instead of 'clean up' then I guess I misunderstood what that announcement was saying.

Re: CE main branch questions

We did prepare the community for Main going offline in advance so everyone could get a snapshot in time. Unfortunately, if you missed out on that window, there's nothing we can do. We can't answer to individual requests in this regard.

Regarding your PRs they have been reviewed and closed, most likely because they weren't applicable for us at this point. And please stop making false accusations regarding the fact that or if you received any communication from us on your PRs. We had this discussion over and over and over again and just because you didn't get the feedback you wanted, doesn't give you the right to claim you didn't receive feedback at all.
This is simply not true.
And I won't discuss this any further as it is actually damaging to make those false claim on top of being very disrespectful to the people who did review your PRs over time and actually took the time to give you tons of feedback, especially on Discord.

This thread is hereby closed.
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