SVOGI - Transparent shadows from transparent objects

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In 5.5 SVOGI brought a great improvement in the shadows, (Soft shadows, shadows from the Heights map), but there are a couple of questions.
First, there must be another interesting thing (Transparent shadows from transparent objects) as I understand the shadows from the glass shader should be transparent, but it does not work or I do not know how to set it up.
Second, the Soft shadows, as the vegetation is disfiguring, I will not attach a screenshot, just turn this function on at the level where there are a lot of grass, some pixels, will look very dirty

Re: SVOGI - Transparent shadows from transparent objects

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For maximum visibility to the CRYENGINE team it is best to format the bug report such that you provide clear reproduction steps so our QA team can verify the issue and pass it to the developers.
The best place to post bugs is on the CRYENGINE GitHub Issues page where all issues there are automatically tracked internally.
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