Levels aren't saving

I changed many settings in the Level Settings category. I even organized Terrain. I saved and closed it. When I switched it on again, all the selections I made were reset.

I'm using version 5.5. I have experienced the same problem many times. Any solution?

Re: Levels aren't saving

Are the level settings the only thing that is not saving?
Theoretically it may even be the other way around.
It may not be loading.

The editor.log should contain this piece of information.
This will be within the root directory of your engine.
Please zip and attach the file.

Level Settings (Tools > Editor > Level Settings)
are saved to levels\YOURLEVELNAME\leveldata\Environment.xml

Here is what you can try
Set e.g: Total Illumination V2 to active.
Then press "CTRL + S" to save the level.
Open Environment.xml
and check if Total_Illumination_v2 Active value is 0 or 1.

Re: Levels aren't saving

Hi Chris,
I changed default terrain and ocean height. Both are resetting.

I already changed many level settings include Total Illumination, breeze, ViewDistance and other many settings. And now Environment.xml does not seem to have any settings. It's all default.

My editor log in the attachment.
(9.96 KiB) Downloaded 87 times

Re: Levels aren't saving

The log file does not contain the following "Level successfully saved", "Saving" or "general.save"
The log file gets generated every session.
So if you just opened and closed CRYENGINE straight after without reproducing the issue in the first place
then the log file will not contain information needed to investigate the issue.
Please reproduce the error and then send us the editor.log file again.

Can you go to the root location of your CRYENGINE Launcher, Right-click it > Properties > Compatibility and tick the box "run as administrator"
Same with Sandbox.exe within the Engine directory \CRYENGINE_5.5\bin\win_x64

Does anything save btw? if you modify the terrain or if you place an object in the level, does it stay when you reload the level?
Are you able to create new levels close and reopen them?

Re: Levels aren't saving

Hi Chris,
I tried to change terrain heightmap and Level Settings. Finally everything works normal. And Editor.log have Level Successfully Saved. I tried re-open my project after save, they are not resetting. I think my computer needs to be restarted. I hope I do not encounter the same problem again. Thanks for your help! Solved.

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