Automerge Vegetation Jitter

So I don't know what is causing the bottom portion of the merged vegetation to jitter like crazy and found only one thread on it:

Also found an issue tracker for it on github but no response on the issue:

The top part of the vegetation is fine but the bottom just freaks out. When the mesh size increases the problem is lessened but still there.
Does anyone know if this is fixed in the upcoming 5.5?
Jitter automerge
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Re: Automerge Vegetation Jitter


So I tested different engine versions (5.2 & 5.3) and found the issue was not present in 5.2 but digging through the code differences the MergedMeshGeometry.cpp found in /Code/CryEngine/Cry3DEngine/ was not changed at all! Which means somewhere else a change caused the bug. I'm testing as much as I can and comparing sources to try and find the probable cause.

OS: Windows 7
Build: as Shipped for 5.2 & 5.3
Version Number: 9 & 47 respectively

I will update if I find out more. Will do a custom build from git to test out any possible changes on my end.

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