Re: Extended Detail Bending : The lack of information

Hey cinnabear, please don't just bump topics like this, it's considered spam. :)

I understand and apprecaite your excitement and I will talk to the team about this, however, you need to follow the rules, please or I have to issue a warning.

Hey Nic,
I feel like this is a greatly overlooked and important topic and as a long time member of this forum i am aware that sometimes without some persistent demands questions can fall under the table. But having your response finally ensures me that this topic gets it deserved attention.

Did you look into this page about the Vegetation Editor, btw?

I forwarded the request to our documentation team and they are looking into it. :)


Yes, i think im quite familiar with the cryengine documentation.
The particlular page you linked does cover the Vegetation editor and has therefor no information about said Extended Detail Bending as this is a shader function and needs preperation outside of CE (Vertex Coloring).
Any information about Extended Detail Bending that can be found on the Docs are linked in my first post. It's barely existent and insufficient to help someone to make use of it.

Thank you for forwarding my question.

I won't just simply bump this thread any more.
Also feel free to delete any bump post of mine in this thread.

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