Made a excavator model in Blender. Now what?

So, i made a litle excavator model in blender to be used on phisicys simulations. I was intending to make it playable with cryengine, but ritgh now i'm facing a dilemma: should i rig the model and them export/import to cryengine, or should i just export as it is and them try to rig it inside inside cryengine? I'm not expert in either, so i will have to learn the process in one or the other, so i want to know which one will be easier.

It a excavator, the only set fetures Ii was aked to implement is that
1. The forearm need to opens in at maximun, 180º
2. the arm rotates in 360º
3.the exacavator need to go forward, and backward

So, what is easier to do? There is a tutorial for this kind of stuff available?
Thanks in advance.

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