Re: How do i make a multiplayer shooter game?

AFAIK there is some networking stuff (template) coming in 5.4 (might be pushed to 5.5). Network is one of the things on the priority list for the templates.

And yes, you can indeed create a "Multiplayer Shooter" (FPS/TPS/we) using free tools, but it will be harder than using the tools CE was designed to work with.
For the code - VS2015 community
You can use Blender/BCry tool on this forum, there is some FBX support (more coming). You can start with any of the templates, use any free assets from marketplace.
The only thing crytek doesn't want is people changing maybe 1 or two models from the gamesdk sample and trying to sell it. The GameSDK is almost a fully functional game and is very much "over used" for years.

IMO - start with the templates, get used to the engine, make some things try some new models, characters etc. The animation and rigging will take a large chunk of your time. Then, once 5.4 drops, or the networking template, it should be relatively easy to implement a simple networking component to your game once your comfortable in the engine.

good luck.
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