Simple Flipper Game

i'm actually learning CryEngine and Flowgraph, making a simple Flipper to see how it works.
i did some cool models usign designer tools, and now i would like to to take control of the flippers, so i did this little FG, wich works but not perfectly, because sometimes, it happens that they are not responding to pressed, and go to unpressed directly wich cause the flipper to turn by 90° in the wrong direction.

Screenshot at 2017-04-29 11 09 08.png
Screenshot at 2017-04-29 11 09 08.png (177.95 KiB) Viewed 287 times

So i assume the mothod is not good and i want to improve it normaly to get something more logic, by comparing the value of the flipper and lock it between 45° to 135°.
i tryed using token but... i'm lost because there is not enough subject covered in tutorials sections, espécially about flow Graph Programming.
majority of tutorials we can fund on the net is building a terrain, wich doesn't make any game without programming.

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