Multiplayer Project in Cryengine V?

I have previous experience with the Source Engine, making my own little mods and projects. Now I want to do something a bit bigger, and I decided to use Cryengine V. But I cannot seem to find any tutorials or documentation on multiplayer in Cryengine V. Hopefully someone here could help me solve this mystery? :?

Re: Multiplayer Project in Cryengine V?

Sorry, I wanted to say I can't seem find any documentation on how to make a multiplayer game in Cryengine V, since in Cryengine 3 there was easy to use netcode already in the game. I was wondering how easy/long would be the process to make a 1v1 multiplayer shooter.

I have no idea on where to get started, as there are no tutorials out there.
What I want to do, at least for now, just have a menu to host or input IP:PORT. Once connected players will spawn on the opposite sides of a map, once a player is killed, the round is restarted and then everyone is returned to their start position.

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