[SOLVED] Documentation and other things I keep wondering about

Hey there,

I've been following some tutorials to get started with Cryengine as a casual and would like to dig further in. Some questions:

1. Documentation: Where do I find full documentation of flowgraph, designer tool, etc. components? (each single flowgraph function explained with all in/out channels)

2. GameSDK: Is there a way to access the code for the player entity and edit it manually? I know that you can change key mapping and jump height and stuff, but can you find the code to study and probably edit it? I come from 2D game coding, so I prefer to see every single "increase x position by 1" line.

3. Learning: Does anybody know helpful tutorials other than the official CryEngine videos? Books? Anything that could help to get started? Feel free to recommend everything that has helped you along the way.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Documentation and other things I keep wondering about

1. Documentation: You can find the documentation on here http://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEMAN ... E+V+Manual. There's also documentation about CRYENGINE 3.x there that might still be applicable to some of the systems you are using.

2. GameSDK: The C++ code for the GameSDK is on Github in the folder Code/GameSDK. The GameSDK also uses lua-scripts which can be found in the scripts.pak file in the assets of the GameSDK. You can unpack this .pak file with something like 7zip and modify the lua files yourself.

3. Learning: You can take a look at the awesome community made tutorials that are posted on the forum. They cover a lot of topics such as rendering, Flowgraph or game-development in general.

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