Importing FBX files on CRYengine 5.4

I want to import an FBX model to my sandbox file but the save button in the mesh import box wont trigger a save as window.
I have looked at a bunch of different tutorials on how to do this but i am missing this step.
This is the best one I have found
I tried this one too but its a different version than what I have.

I loaded my file, tools> FBX Import> Mesh> clicked all the right checkboxes I need, no materials, just need the model in-engine right now. I click save to get the save as cgf file dialog box but nothing happens no matter how much i click the button. Here's a screen recording of it:

Re: Importing FBX files on CRYengine 5.4

figured it out. User error :| my fault I hit a wrong button. The process for this is still way too fucking long to do but whatever I got it:

tools>fbx import>mesh>
import mesh window
click middle folder button
find the fbx through file>import
select file hit import, cryengine box popup hit import
then hit cancel in the next box
back in main sandbox view
see imported fbx in create object tab> static mesh entity
drag into project.

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