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i made some buildings in the designer tool in cryengine 5.4 using the sdk kit, and want to export them to a cgf file that can be used in another level.
i've tried saving the objects and exporting them to fbx format, then i tried to import them through the fbx mesh importer, i can only see the material and textures on the right side but no geometry in the viewport in the mesh importer. the files i made and trying to import is called - 3D object - mtl - mtl cryasset -

is there a clear way to import an object made in designer tools in engine to a useable format to drag and drop in a level?
i tried to find some related tutorials on youtube but its either outdated or in russian so help please ;D

Re: Designer tool asset export

export panel? in the toolbar i select - level - export selected objects - and get the following 3 options - object file (obj) -occlusion culler mesh (ocm) - FBX format (fbx) ???

edit! i found the panel in designer tools but i cant select the entire object? can't export a group of objects? or how do you do this properly thx

Re: Designer tool asset export

i merged all the object but the textures got merged as well? i guess i can apply textures again later
then i export to cfg in the designer tools- saved it in a folder but i cant access it in engine, can't import it through mesh importer either? i got cfg file but how do i get it back in the level?

Re: Designer tool asset export

brush? im adding it as a static mesh entity - you can then convert it to a brush or a design object - the brush conversion locks the asset so i can't retexture it? if i convert to a design object i get missing polygons? is this the wrong method to spawn a cgf file?

Re: Designer tool asset export

i found the brush but its the same outcome! its one static object and i can't retexture different parts of the house without converting it to a design object, but then i get missing polygons all over the object? have i designed the object wrong or is this simply a wrong method of converting?

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