default fps character is shockingly bad HELP

i used to use cryengine 3 and playup tools for level design.
As now it wont let me log in to the cryengine 3 i have been forced to use cryengine 5 .
as my main focus was level design i find this new default fps character shockingly bad and off putting,the gun is like a pea shooter,the gun dosnt aim,no extra movements like run,jump,slide ect
it feels more like a stroke victim simulator.
i have been searching on ways to get a better default character but most feeds lead to a dead end ,
is there a way to get the default character just like that of the cryengine 3 or even better how to get the cryengine 3 to run ?
please help as i have spent at least 10 hours trying to get this solved

Re: default fps character is shockingly bad HELP

EaaS? Recent topic explained the solution to login by modifying registry.

You can get the "legacy" game sample with the old sdk character by downloading the free gamesdk sample project from the cryengine marketplace.

What you are looking at is template designed to help people get started with cryengine. Very basic minimalist templates.

Have fun
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Re: default fps character is shockingly bad HELP

thank you for replying,ive downloaded cryengine game sdk but im unsure on how to get the asset of the player to my game,the only way i can seem to get the assets is by going to the folder the sdk downloaded to then open up the sdk from there ,and then make new project .this dosnt seem right as i loose my sketch up library :( im sure once i have sorted this out i will have alot of fun.just its quiet a change from what i was used too

Re: default fps character is shockingly bad HELP

Hmm I am not versed on the older versions but I can say the GameSDK Sample is legacy from that version. It has been consistently updated alongside each engine iteration so as to keep it compatible with the latest release (for the most part, some things require... 'tweaking'). You get the iconic woodland scene with the boat and simple search quest.

Once you download the Sample via the launcher;
- Navigate to "My Assets"
- On the Sample Asset, click the arrow next to "Installed" text.
- Select "Reveal in Explorer"
- Go into the shown folder "GameSDK"

In here you have your cryproject file, with this file you control your individual project, in this case, the Sample Game.
It is advised that you copy this project and play with it in a separate directory from the launcher. Otherwise bad things can happen :P.

Once you copy the folder (I know it is a little large, in this case i would symlink the launcher version, and keep your copy on your local hd or ssd if u really need the space),
you can add the copied project to the launcher by going to "My Projects" and selecting "Import". Navigate to the folder you copied (select the host folder of the .cryproject file).

Now you can launch the editor and game just like the other template projects.

If you want source code access you will need to download the github source code. The gamesdk project (dll code..) is in the engine repo.

have fun
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