New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

You asked for it – we’ve done it. If you’re new to CRYENGINE or a veteran who just wants to brush up on the latest and most important features, you can now download our Getting Started With CRYENGINE guide.
Image There are all kinds of ways to learn or deepen your CRYENGINE knowledge, whether that’s through video tutorials, our extensive documentation (including comprehensive manuals and sections dedicated to the areas you need) or simply by joining the community and swapping knowledge on our forums.
Today, we’re adding a new way for you to get up and running quickly with CRYENGINE. We’ve had a lot of requests for a quick-start guide that you can use offline, so we’re pleased to share a PDF which covers everything you need to start your new CRYENGINE project. From the basics of managing projects, installing plugins, and getting started with the sandbox editor to a full glossary of CRYENGINE terms, you can find it all in our new document here.
This document was put together in direct response to community requests, and we’re always looking at how we can improve our learning offerings. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter and keep your suggestions coming.


Re: New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

This is awesome, but Is there anyway I can track if a new version of Getting Started Guide is released? Currently, I see that this Getting Started Guide is for CryEngine 5.3 (doc ver. 1.0.3), I'm looking forward for Getting Started Guide for CryEngine 5.4 (mmm... but maybe the Getting Started Guide for CryEngine 5.3 and CryEngine 5.4 are not so different, but just asking for a way to track though)
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Re: New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

Soooo, difficult and awkward.

I think i will have to quit CryEngine5, mainly because it is so awkward to use, because the tutorials and system are so long winded. Such as the filing system.

Why am I downloading asset packs, then opening another download in the console, then transfering that asset pack through the folders system. It's annoyingly over seperated and time consuming, as well as confusing. Why are the "Sample Projects" not just downloaded as a new project added to my projects.

The tutorials spend ages on the filing system and very little on the user learning how to use the tools to actually build, at least at the beginner level. I think this takes way too many years of fiddling with paperwork that should be automatically organised.

Even though I think the system looks great and I really like the fact you have at least limited C# and C++, because I'm learning C# and Unreal only does blueprints and C++, I think I will have to go back to Unity, even though I like CryEngine, the tutorials are so empty in the whole. Also, I have so many errors popping up when all I have done is added a barrel and a building from the asset store for free, what's up with that?

I think the people at CryEngine or even just the Dev's, should look at Unity tutorials just in order to explain CryEngine in a more appropriate way. Places like "Brackeys" or "Sykoo" sam tutorials for C# and game building using the system are xx simpler and easier than this system. Also, why am I downloading 4.5 gigabyte sample sdk. Why don't you just have fully explained tutorials of simple 1,2,3,4,5 lessons? I think in a few years if you don't make the system simpler and user friendly, Unity & Unreal will catch up or at least take a bigger share of the game market as Unity has had somewhat a graphical upgrade.

I may only be a beginner, but even I can see that this engine needs an overhaul. Maybe if I use Unity for a few years to get a lot more experience, I may use this engine, but learning new codes for C# may be too irritating to bother with, and the system unless it's better then.
Dissapointing, because i wanted better graphical cinematics without using C++. Maybe I just got a bad download, or can't find the right tutorials, all I know is, I don't have this issue elsewhere as much as here.

Re: New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

@dai45: I agree that CryEngine V doesn't have awesome tutorials like Unity (for now), but Crytek is trying to improve it, Let's hope there will be awesome official tutorials for community coming soon. In my opinion, Lacking of good tutorials is really a critical damage. What the point of being so powerful but people don't know how to use it.

I recommend you to take these 2 tutorial series from the community: These tutorials are pretty long, but it will take you to somewhere.

Oh, and keep watching the official CryEngine Channel for official tutorials.
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Re: New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

Hey dai45,

Firstly, thank you very much for your exceptionally detailed feedback of your initial experience with CRYENGINE. Feedback like this goes a long way to help us improve the user onboarding experience.

Regarding your feedback I just want to clarify the issues you had;
- Downloading assets doesn't create a separate project.
- Tutorials do not cover the topics you desire.
- Errors in the editor when adding a minimal set of assets.

In this light, can you perhaps elaborate on what topics of learning you specifically desire, it would be awesome if you could post your desired topics in the recent Learning Initiatives topic we launched. As we are focusing on what we can offer in this area. Don't forget there are many wonderful community tutorials as HDN explained, on YouTube and on these forums by very talented CryEngineers.

Also, which errors do you appear to be having? Some errors that occur could be due to deprecated features or not be errors per say, but rather warnings and could possibly be ignored for your project.

Regarding the downloadable asset workflow, the assets you acquire through the marketplace are synced, this means when the asset is updated, you get notified in the launcher and the new package is downloaded. this helps to reduce the risk of overwriting an existing project and helps to keep you informed and up-to-date regarding the assets you have.

If you have any more feedback please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to help you achieve you vision with CRYENGINE.
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Re: New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

I lost the narrator once he popped open panels and windows that I am unable to locate in Sandbox 5.7. Still missing the basics of project structure and asset import. As any OBJ or FBX that I attempt to import or drag from Explorer folder to AssetBrowser/Assets fails to import or is not shown. Basically, as in my other post, asset import results in nothing. No error message, nothing happens.

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