Replace me on objects.

I have searched all over the net and tried 3 or 4 different ways to fix this problem and none of them seem to help. But I downloaded a house and went to Tools/Fbx import/mesh and the house loads just fine. But the material isn't there. The building is red with "Replace me" on it. Is there a vid from cryengine to fix this? I have looked through their tutorial vids and cannot seem to find it.

Re: Replace me on objects.

Make folder in objects Assets\objects\MyModel
Put your Fbx and textures in there (textures have to be in TIFF format)
Import your FBX to to the importer .
In the fxb importer hit the material tab top right.
you get list of the material names and you can set Physiclization if wanted.
Under this you get Generate material click it and save Mymodel.mtl to the folder you made.
Then save the model to the same folder as well. The CGF and MTL need the same name so it auto applys the material .
Next in sandbox open the material editor in tool.
Find your material in Assets\objects\MyModel open it.
Add the textures TIFFs to the sub material in the Diffuse / bumpmaps and so save and drop the model in level and it with auto load the Mtl to it.

Re: Replace me on objects.

Ya that's the problem. The guy who made this made the mats in jpeg. I changed them to a tiff file and they still wont show up. I tested this in the unreal engine and they loaded just fine. Have no idea why cryengine can be so complicated.

Edit: Got it now. Thanks.

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