Environment Probes only illuminating one side of objects

Hey guys,

I'm just getting started with CryEngine and I'm running into a problem setting up simple lighting for my scenes.

It seems like all of my Environment Probes are only affecting faces of objects that are pointing in the +x direction. So when I try to follow a tutorial like this:
http://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEMAN ... +Component
only the right side of the left wall and right side of the cubes are illuminated. Everywhere else, there is no ambient lighting and the shadows remain black. I've tried regenerating the cubemaps, etc., but nothing seems to be working.

Even weirder, this isn't just happening for Environment Probes or scenes that I'm creating. When I first load up the template scenes, they are suffering from this same problem. I wonder if the cause might some problem in the environment settings, since I've had to mess with those to get the sky to look right in the template scenes, as well.

Anyone have an idea of what might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

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