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Hello CRYENGINE community! :D i'm just started exploring CRYENGINE V and i need some advice on project management. As far as i see CRYENGINE works both with filesystem folder and it's own database (i just see a lost of differences in import dialog/material editor/etc and that i can't find folders i created in Asset explorer in the project folder. But maybe i'm wrong :? ). So what is the most common way to orginize projects in CRYENGINE V? Where is generally accepted yo store textures, models, meterials, shematics and c++ sources?

Re: Project management

It should be fine to keep your source assets alongside your game export assets in the project assets folder. The RC tool can take a customized job file that can ignore source files when packaging and converting files for release. This way it is easier to find all related assets together in the hierarchy you already have in your asset directory rather than creating a different folder structure for source and exported assets.

It is highly opinionated though, it is down to how you work and what you are comfortable with.
Generally it is easier to create the folder structures inside the file explorer, and import assets as necessary.
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