Cryengine 5.4 SDK kit questions from a beginner


Hi there.

i've made my first level in the editor and i have a lot of questions concerning the SDK kit and how to proceed beyond it to a template or a blank c++ or c# project?
i feel like i have reached the limitations of the free tutorials and documentation i could find online, and after trial and error learning the sdk kit i found it to be broken to say the least! why is that?

i had a lot of issues with the Ai and i can't quite figure out the properties of them yet, i tried everything it seems but they are still kind of deaf and unresponsive at times, so any tips on reaction times and audio scaling or general difficulty in engine for Ai would be appreciated.

i am using Wwise middleware for audio but some audio is still missing like the Ai messages and footsteps ect? can't seem to rebuild the broken audio i tried the sdl mixer as well as fmod with no luck. i can see the Ai messages in the console but i get no audio? is the SDK kit problems or am i doing something wrong?

i designed the level without layers streaming or much occlusion and this will be a main priority in the next project, there are some LOD pop in because i learned it after i was done with level design #FacePalm

This has been a great learning experience, but i realize i wont get anywhere real! without some c++ or c# knowledge in cryengine, so any tips on learning code for cryengine specifically would be appreciated also.

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