Re: Render Assets in like Marmoset?

Yes you can..

1 you can use an environment probe and tweak the settings to suit.
2 See cvar list and find the ones you need to improve on shadows and other things. + yes there is extra settings in either trackview or time of day.
3 yes but the reflections will need sorting.
4 just render inside a cylinder or room then add in lights and other elements to get the results you want.

Re: Render Assets in like Marmoset?

whats with the Transparency, Can i make a render with transparent Background or with a Mask of the Asset so i can delete the background manually in Photoshop ?
Dont know exacly, but i think no, cryengine dont have ability to make screenshots with Gbuffer passes or custom depth mask like ue4, if you want compose them later in AE, etc...

Re: Render Assets like in Marmoset?

You can use a Green Screen method, although post processing in an external image application would be necessary to perfect the image.
The idea is to use a plane or box (any object) and set the material to a pure green texture using the "ReferenceImage" shader to fill the background.

For example;
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