Camera component in Game Mode


I need help implementing a camera controller for my Game... when i add a camera component to my scene, and enter Game Mode, the camera is not being "possessed".

This also occurs when i create a schematyk with a camera component... i add it to my level and enter Game Mode, but it still does not allow to control my camera.

How do i set the default camera to be choosed when i enter Game Mode?


Re: Camera component in Game Mode


Although you already found your answer I want to shed some light on this. There can always only be one active camera in the scene. So for example you have a camera component in your scene but then the C++ or C# code creates a new camera which then would override the previous one. So if you are use one of the templates it's very likely that the C++ code is overriding the camera in your scene. You can fix that in either not spawning a new camera component in C++ or activating the camera in Schematyc.
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