Re: Importing Alembic .abc files without Maya or 3DSMax?

Yeah to do materials it requires a specific material name in order to work with alembics. Takes a bit of practice.

Material IDs:

CRYENGINE requires per-face material assignment so that it can set sub-materials to geometry.
Alembic can export this information as face-sets (aka ShadingEngines or ShadingGroups in Maya).
The importer will look for the first integer number in such a face-set name and use it as the material ID.
So, generally it is good practice to name your materials like:

It's recommended to avoid using lambert1!

Re: Importing Alembic .abc files without Maya or 3DSMax?

I'll have to check when I get home, but I'm not sure if iClone let's you edit material names, I may have to take them into Blender to get that bit done. For stuff I make myself it is easy enough, but what I'm really looking to do is to export. ABC character animations to render in scenes inside Cryengine. BTW there is a great new set of videos I just started on today in Cryengine and cinematography, so that was very encouraging. What is capable in Cryengine graphically is so far beyond what iClone can do, but iClone is easy to animate characters and lips synching. Just I don't code so anything I do in Cryengine will have to be possible without coding. I love the level design tools though.

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