Re: Would you benefit from making a game with a better pc

Well my computer is really powerful and it's not as great for developing games as some people may think. Of course, you need a very good computer to make a game but if it's too powerful then you'll always have to make sure not to fill your scene with too much stuff because chances are that a lot of players (even with good computers) won't be able to run the game properly. It's very hard to resist doing that because you want to take advantage of what your computer allows you to do, but you must also think about other gamers who want to be able to run the game without a NASA computer.

Re: Would you benefit from making a game with a better pc

Basically yes, you should have your average player in mind: not everyone can afford fancy hardware with all the bells and whistles. Regardless of what 4k elitists may tell you, EyeFinity and multi monitor gaming setups still dont have nearly the market saturation people claim it does for example. That said, realistically speaking, games should target components that are actually being used in everyday gaming.

As sunnlok says, think of an i5 and a decent card in the range of GTX 1060/1070. Just my 2 cents.

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