Old Versions of Cryengine

Hi all, I am an academic teacher and I have been using some old versions of Cryengine (3.5.8, 3.4.5 etc) in an architectural course.
More particularly we have been using the free old "Forrest" stage that was included in those versions of the engine.
Today I tried to used some of these old versions. I managed to open the 3.5.8 version that I have installed on my home PC, but the same version would not open on my office PC at the university (a network error warning appeared in the login box).
Is there any free working version of the engine that we can still use? We just need to open the Forrest stage and modify it like we used in the past.

I also tried to install the new cryengine 5 but I cannot checkout in the marketplace the free SDK stage that we could probably used.
Any info on this problem would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Old Versions of Cryengine

Hi. CryEngine 5 is free to use but the "Forest" level does not exist anymore. The new reference level is called "woodlands" (I personally liked the "Forest" level more).

What you need to do is this: Download the launcher and the current version of CryEngine (The "Woodland" level is only available for the most recent version). The engine is downloaded via the launcher. Just create a new project, choose the most recent engine version and then it will automatically get downloaded. Now go to the market place and search for "GameSDK". This is a full sample project.
Put it anywhere you want on your drive (for example under C:\GameSDK).

Now inside the launcher import a project and choose the GameSDK project's path.

You should now see this project inside your launcher and you can start it by clicking on it.

The "GameSDK" is sadly always upgraded to the latest version of CryEngine. This means that it's not available anymore for older versions (If you want to use for example CryEngine 5.1, you would need to grab the GameSDK code of an older version from GitHub and compile it.)

I hope that this was helpful.

- Jannis

Re: Old Versions of Cryengine

Hi there,

thanks to dignity to clarify some things up. I would recommend to use CRYENGINE V for your purpose as it's free to use, although I need to ask you to check the License agreement in advance to see if nothing you plan on doing with CRYENGINE is in violation with it. If that's a check mark, then you are ready to go.We have a ton of new content, demo levels and templates you and your students can effectively work with, so it should be of benefit to your to upgrade to CRYENGINE V.

CRYENGINE 3 and support for it are currently only available for license holders who already have a project started on the engine. And even to them we suggest to upgrade to CRYENGINE V as the older versions of the engine are no longer receiving updates and the free version is no longer supported. This means you are bound to experience issues like the ones you described when you keep using them, and we cannot help you fix them.

If you are having trouble checking out from the marketplace, please send an email to marketplace[at]cryengine.com from the email address you registered with on CRYENGINE.com and we will help you get to your assets.
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Re: Old Versions of Cryengine

Hi aerevos,
If it is essential to enable your installation, it should be easy to do. Your home PC works because it has the required Windows registry entry (I assume this was installed some time back, when CE3 was still supported).
If you go into the registry on your home PC, you can find the CE3 entry and export it. After importing into your work PC, CE3 should then work.

Re: Old Versions of Cryengine


as noted by cwright you can still provide credentials for version 3.5.8 by exporting them from your home PC. To do this, you simply need to run the Registry Editor

1) Press on "Start" (or the Windows Orb, or Windows little logo on the lower-left corner of your Desktop)
2) Look for the "Run" entry in the Start menu or type in the search bar regedit
3) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crytek\Sandbox 3.5\CryDevLogin
4) On the CryDevLogin "folder" on your left, right click and choose Export
5) Save the file on a thumb drive or cloud storage so that you can retrieve it later on your office PC.
6) Go to your office PC, copy the file you have previously exported to your Desktop/My Documents or any other handy location
7) Double click on the file. You will be asked if you want to merge the registry's information: just say "Yes"

After this, you should be able to use it on both of them.

There's also a second (and faster) method you could try out: as the login servers for 3.5.8 are not online anymore any credentials you input should be accepted as-is.

1) Go to your office PC
2) Right click on your Desktop and create an empty text file
3) Change the extension to .reg
4) Right click on it and select Edit
5) Paste the following code

Code: Select all

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crytek\Sandbox 3.5\CryDevLogin] "User"=hex:66,66,66,66,66,66 "Password"=hex:70,70,70,70,70,71,72,73 "UserId"=dword:00000001
Please note that we are inputting a random username and password by doing this, but given the fact that the Editor simply reads them from the registry and doesn't really check for them online anymore this is not an issue.

6) Save the file and double click on it
7) As above, you will be asked if you want to merge the registry's information: just say "Yes"

Let us know how it goes :D

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