Asset import of FBX

I admit. I am clueless on CRYEngine . On how it works. But I thought simple things should be simple. FBX import.
OK I just do not understand , within CRYEngine, what an asset is. I thought it is just imported from AssetBrowser File/Open.
Boy am I wrong.
I import (or try to) an FBX asset. Asset Browser/File/Open MCS_dude.fbx .
Here is where everything stops. I am presented with CRYENGINE popup with empty 'Save to' . Save to what? A folder? Which folder?
If I leave that field empty I am presented with CRY window Save To Directory with empty field. There are no OS links to drives .
Pressing SELECT crashes CRYEngine 'Warning! The engine/game/editor has crashed'

I tried dragging FBX file to AssetBrowser/Assets . But as before nothing happens. By that I mean that CRYEngine does something behind scenes , but the *.fbx asset is not in AssetBrowser/Assets.

Thats it I can proceed no further. Cluless as to what is happening. Why is it so complicated?

The tutorial ... ject-setup is not usefull in 5.7 Tutorial shows v5.0 and narrator interacts with panels that are not in 5.7. From what I can tell.

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