New to cryengine. Stumbled upon feature tests?

New to cryengine and the C programming language, but not to programming in general. Saw a line of code under "feature tests" that is titled "wait instructions" (link below) ... ture+Tests

Personally, I've struggled with timers, so seeing this is a big relief to me.
It doesn't seem like this code is usable on release versions, so is this to imply these lines of code will be usable in a future build?

Re: New to cryengine. Stumbled upon feature tests?


The link you posted refers to feature-tests, which are used to verify that code is working properly. It is not available in release builds, because it is specifically used as a testing tool.

To create a timer, you can access the gEnv->pTimer global to get current time, and use that to add/subtract to a float value.

If you're using flowgraph, here's a link that should help ... Flow+Graph

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