the import asset difficulty

We all know the stress caused to import assets (free) from marketplace into the engine. And this is hard in all engines. Anyway, I watch YT videos, tutorials and there are assets that didnt appear in the asset browser. And let me told you that i have a lot of warnings. WHy is this? I unpak assets into assets directory, I copy assets that come in folders to assets directory. I dont get the easy way to start an asset library in Cryengine.
I know this is from noob user, but really put me hard starting with this
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Re: the import asset difficulty

If i'm understanding correctly, one thing you can try, is to go the hamburger menu in the asset browser panel and under File click Generate/Repair All Metadata. You can also go to your project directory and right click the .Cryproject file and click Generate/Repair All Metadata.
Some links that might be of help. ... owser-Edit ... set+System

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