[BUG] Asset Directory Change Loop


New to the engine; Freshly installed today... However when trying to change both the engine or asset directory to another directory in the launcher...I am presented
with an endless notification screen and a process that seems to never complete. No Engine or asset has been installed at this point...only the launcher.

The change will hold if I kill the launcher and restart it...but seems like a bug

The launcher itself is installed on a 1TB SATA SSD;
Currently I am trying to move engine and assets to a 2TB NVMe SSD;

Cryengine Launcher Build: 1.1.10 (Build 4)
Rig Specs:
TR 3070x; 256GB RAM; x2 EVGA 2080TI FTW Editions
Windows 10 PRO Build 20H2

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