Re: How to display Chinese In CryEngine 5.6.7?

if your game is presently in english, extract english_xml.pak in Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6\GameSDK\GameSDK\localization then you edit the xml you need ,if you edit text_ui_menus.xml for exemple your xml must be in the Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6\GameSDK\GameSDK\localization\text_ui_menus.xml or Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6\GameSDK\GameSDK\localization\english_xml\text_ui_menus.xml (where the localisation folder is in your installation game). You can change language from english to chinese with a console variable g_language=chinese not sure if it still work in cryengine 5 as long as you have the chinese.pak and the chinese_xml.pak in your localisation folder.
Hope this help you.....

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