How to paint textures on terrain

Hello everyone,

I am getting to know CRYENGINE a bit better and for the most part I can find tutorials, documentation and videos that I need online with no issues. However, I am having difficulty finding answers as to how to paint my terrain with a certain texture. The information I seem to find is often outdated and not relevant to the current CRYENGINE version. Whenever I try something, my level either floods with one color, which is a beige type of tone or the paint brush doesn't do anything.

Can anybody point me in the right direction or tell me how to go about to do this. I would really like to add some textures to my level.

Kind regards,

Ramadan Hasani

Re: How to paint textures on terrain

Here is a Tutorial video from their official YouTube channel, This should help just get the general jist of what's what. ... ion-basics

It may be 4 years old but the general workflow is the same, but there is one difference. The difference is when assigning a diffuse texture to diffuse input in the material, it will now be automatically high-passed. Now if you are wanting to keep the original colour of the Diffuse texture, you can enable "Use Original Diffuse Map" under the Shader Gen Params section. ... yer+Shader

**Should note make sure the Terrain material shader is Terrain.Layer and not illum

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