A couple issue's with sandbox editor

My first issue is when i delete a folder in asset browser it will delete normally, but when i restart the sandbox the folder still shows up in the asset browser but doesnt exists in file explorer.My second issue is when i copy and paste a folder with crytifs into my projects asset folder the crytif folder or any of its contents wont show up in the asset browser and no textures are detected or compiled.The third issue is just the sandbox randomly crashing i dont see a pattern to the crashes just happens randomly.The error.log,and editor.log are attached if there are other logs you need to see let me know and i will post them.My specs are below dont know if you need my full computer setup specs but here it is anyways thanks.
OS:Win10 Pro(64 bit)
CRYVER:5.6.7 Build-94

CPU:Amd 1950x
Gpu:Nvidia 1060 gtx 6gb
Project Logs
https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/vb ... snJkit1XE/
https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/fz ... I2bEvO9SM/

Engine Logs
https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/ap ... badpiiV+o/

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