Glass surface type - no surface type

Hello everyone .
I tryied to make breakable glass but found no surface types like
So what i have to do to get it ?
Anybody help me please)
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Re: Glass surface type - no surface type


make sure to use the new Material Editor
OK . I was right . This things are missed in 5.6.5 . I installed 5.0 and surfaces are ok here . Why did they miss them in 5.6.5 or is there just another way to find it ?
So i wanna use the last version of engine . What`s the point what this surfaces are not include ? ((
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Re: Glass surface type - no surface type

breakable glass, does not exist in the engine.
Whether with GameSDK, or without it!
At one time, these features existed.
The engine is now available to the public, but these features do not exist!
I consider cryengine the best engine.
When will GameSDK come back to its peak?
(To redesign Gomsdeck with a schematic)

Re: Glass surface type - no surface type

I'm using 5.3 and there is a sort of procedural breakable glass here; some steps to check it out:

- create a basic entity and load a planar geometry like the default "box";
- assign a glass material to it, let's say "tintmap";
- make a copy of the material to be able to save it (the default is locked) and re-assign this one to your object;
- now change the surface type to a breakable glass (out of 4);
- jump in and shoot it;

It works pretty fine for me, the only thing I noticed is that after total destruction the surface is not visible or physicalized anymore, you can only see the icon, but the object is there if you restart the editor. And it only works for planar glass. So again (I have asked this question for several times, no response) : where is the vehicle mat_glass_vehicle ?? Was/is it available in CE3 ?
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