Reverse the panning direction in the perspective view?

Hello everybody.
Is there a way to reverse the camera movement in the perspective viewport with the middle mouse button pressed?
In 2d views its happening right movement, ie, mouse to the right - a scene to the right; mouse to the left - a scene to the left.
In the perspective view the opposite happens: mouse to the right - scene to the left.
I.e. it does not pan the scene, but in fact move the camera relative to the scene.
It is very inconvenient when working in 3D programs like Blender or 3DSMAx and then switch to Cryengine.
In UE4 there is an option in the settings "Invert Middle Mouse Pan" that will make panning like other 3D editors.
Is there such a possibility in Cryengine? Maybe change some configuration files, or something else?
Please, help.

Sry for my bed English.

Re: Reverse the panning direction in the perspective view?

I see what you mean and tbh could easily be an option for this is the editor perspective view user settings.
You could submit a feature request for this.

Also it may be easier in 3d to use the a/d keys for flat panning. (This keys can also be customised in the keyboard shortcuts settings panel).

I also believe the 2d orthographic and 3d perspective view key binds should be normalized.

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