Problem while packing a GameSDK project

Hi. I'm currently having some issues while packing a project, which is based on the GameSDK. I do this just for testing purposes, so I didn't really cared about a release build and all that stuff.
So I followed the instructions inside of uniflare's thread here viewtopic.php?f=11&t=66
Under 4 c, there is a description on how to pack a game in development mode. The only thing that I haven't done was to adjust the cryplugin.csv, because the GameSDK doesn't have one.
Now if I launch the game, the launcher just displays a black screen.

Can anyone please help me out here?
I'm using CryEngine 5.3 and a working profile build of my project (the dll name is Game.dll. So there is no problem with the naming. Just wanted to mention this because the GameSDK project builds as CryGameSDK.dll by default). Furthermore, it runs perfectly fine, if I launch my project from the Cryengine Launcher and it works fine in Sandbox aswell. So I guess, that I did something wrong while packing everything. uniflare's guide is sadly mainly for the template projects.

In short what I did was this:
- Created a new folder
- Copied the engine binaries to a bin folder inside my new folder (except the sandbox editor)
- Created a system.cfg with only the line: sys_game_folder = Assets
- Copied my project's Assets folder over into the folder
- Added the following line into the game.cfg inside the Assets folder: sys_dll_game=
- Inside my Assets folder, I packed everything into a .pak except the folders: levels, localization and _fastload
- Copied the Game.dll from my project into the bin folder
- Copied the "engine" folder from the launcher engine over into my main folder

Now if i go into the bin folder and start the game with the GameLauncher.exe, it just opens a black screen.
Can anyone please help me out here?

- Jannis

Re: Problem while packing a GameSDK project

Since you are using gamesdk with a renamed dll you need to put the name of the dll as sys dll game and make sure that dll in in the bin folder.

Code: Select all

Alternatively use the script from cry-patsy. Compatible with all cryengine projects up to and including 5.3.

good luck.

Any further issues dont forget to post a game.log :).
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