Re: equipment-packs not exists in 5.3

It should be in the depreciated section under the "Tools" drop down in the editor.
whaat? Why... can you tell me where I can read about new engine version. I use 5.3 and in its very difference with another versions from guides.
I read and many things for new version not actual here :\
Are you using the GameSDK Sample, or are you using one of the new templates provided by Crytek? If your not using the GameSDK Sample the equipment pack editor is useless, but if you are the attached image will show you how to access it.


Re: equipment-packs not exists in 5.3

As suggested this is moved into the deprecated tab in 5.3 and then it is very specific to GameSDK given the load out of a character is all game code. As for the videos I will have to get back to updating them when I have more time. We are actively revamping all of the documentation so this is something that will be tackled in unison.

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