Project validation required problem

Hi all,

I have this problem with my Cryengine version, basically when i try to open a new project from the launcher, i get an alert with the message: "Project validation required". I click on "validate" but nothing happens.
By the way, if i open the editor from the sandbox exe file inside the bin>win x64 folder, everything works well.

I have already tried the following suggestions:
- Resinstalling the software, on the same drive or on another, i have also cleanead temporary files and dlls with ccleaner everytime but nothing changes.
- Updating vga driver, everything is updated here.
- Updating windows, same as above.
- Removing and reinstalling microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable, but doesn't change anything. I have tryied to install even 2012 or 2013 version, both x64 and x86, doesn't solve anything.
- Waiting, because i read on another topic that maybe the cryengine launcher is validating in background but nothing happen even after a half hour.
- Checking the minimum spec of the software, i have a windows 10 system with dual xeon cpu system, 64gb ram, 500gb+3tb hard drive and radeon 290x, i think the problem is not here.

The strange thing is that if you try to open the software outside the launcher, everything works fine.

Hope you guys could help, if you need more information please ask, thank you.

Re: Project validation required problem

Hi there thanks for the detailed feedback.

Please use the Report an Issue option in the Launcher so we can evaluate this problem on our side.

You can try to launch the editor with administrator privileges.
Try to turn off any anti virus software or firewall to see if it is blocking the initialization.
You can try to remove the engine, then restart the launcher and re-attempt to Initialize your project.

- Be sure to backup the engine folder to another location so you can replace the files if this does not work - at least you will have a working engine still.

If that doesn't help, please have a look at our Troubleshooting Help on the Answer Hub. Be sure to post your DxDiag file and Launcher log files.
You can find the Launcher log file at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\CRYENGINE_Launcher\ce-launcher.log.
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