Particle work differently set as ammo explosion effect

Using Crysis2 modsdk

So i set a parent attractor ( enabled & continuous )
- count
- emitter life
( no particle life time )
- force generation : Target

Set a child effect ( enabled & continuous )
- count
- emitter life
- particle life time
- speed
and other settings ( appearance , size.. etc.. )

Like that, the particle work perfectly ( in the particle editor preview window, set as particle entity in the map )

But when i set that particle in the ammo xml, or in the bulletimpacts.xml, it just does not work anymore unless i set a particle life time for the parent attractor -_-", which,by doing so, just mess up the effect... and i have no idea if there is in that case particular rule to follow (regarding emitter life & life time ) to have the same result as with only the emitter life )

Why is this happening ? any work around?

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