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First of all sorry for the late reply. Most of the Guys are on the official Discord Channel including the Crytek Employees I suggest you Join That for quick Answers.

I also have this book and well unfortunately the new Cryengine V is alot different in terms of Programming, Cryengine is now moving towards the more easier and standard Entity Component System and Schematyc in a Similar way many other engines out there are using. this is a very good thing.

However with these quality changes, the older learning material is getting outdated, You can still learn some things from these books but Honestly Don't waste money on these books as the amount of content you will be able to learn from the official YT channel for free is a lot more than confusing yourself with older techniques.

I would suggest to wait for Cryengine 5.7 if you want to start proper development the tools in 5.7 like Schematyc Will be helpful along with quality of life changes in AI trees and Documentation. (I HOPE SO)

If you still want to dive in and learn stuff until 5.7 drops.
here are some tutorials for programming. this is pretty basic I have been asking the devs to give us small 5 min cpp tutorials of some functions since documentation is very difficult to navigate and find stuff in.


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Hey, thanks for the Answer.
Im already on the Discord.

I know that Crytek tutorials but what iam missing are some from scratch with a little bit more advanced topics than flappy boid. Programming is no problem for me as I'm having a bachelors degree in Computer science and work as a developer. Also have some experience in UE4 but what im really missing is some tutorials on how all the engine elements work together or how to create for example more advanced stuff like ui that goes over basic images and so. I hoped to find answers in that books :D

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I totally Agree with you on the lack of information about working of the Components together via C++.

Programming isn't that difficult even for me as someone who is just about halfway done with Software Engineering Degree And I am happy to say that Cryengine's C++ is well structured compared to UE4 at least in my small experience with Cryengine.

The difficult thing here is the starting point and finding stuff from the docs, Too many times when i was trying to learn CE, I created my own methods for simple stuff only to find out later that CE has a better solution out of the box.
There should be tutorials for Component Communications I hope Crytek listens to my feedback on their YT channel and create short 5-10 min Programming tutorials like Unity does.

I twice choose Cryengine for the end of semester Projects only to scrap and withdraw the report due to difficulties and lack of time.

In the UI department I cannot recommend anything as I never really touched that due to the fact that it is incredibly different from the other Standard engines same goes for the Animation tho the Crytek devs claims that their Animation Mannequin is very powerful I take their word for that but to me it is very unfriendly.

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The UI has not changed so much so you may be able to get away with that from the older books.
For a quick start in UI you should check out the UI tutorials on YouTube. It is recommended to get an understanding of Flash though for design purposes and ActionScript 2.0 is used as the middleware scripting language to communicate with the engine. ... eQ_-RGz-jf

For a quick start on the engine loop: ... +Lifecycle

More topics are covered in that documentation.

The entire API is not fully documented, although mostly you will be able to get away with finding methods through the gEnv global environment variable that exposes CryCommon interfaces.
If there is anything specific you would like to know be sure to give us and the community a shout and we can try to help you. If you have tutorial requests be sure to let us know in the Learning Initiatives thread: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4461

We are looking to expand the programming tutorials, although it can be difficult to make tutorials last between versions so choosing the topics can be troublesome. Knowing what the community wants will help us identify the areas we should focus on the bring content relevant to you.
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