Delete flow graph from the folder in the game

I'm sorry for the mistakes this is Google auto-translation. Delete flow graph from the folder in the game. namely, from the level.pak archive in the mission_mission0.xml file. how to modify this file manually without starting the editor. Now I can’t get the required level to start due to an error that is probably related to the incorrectly saved flow graph. I enclose the error log. The level worked until I saved the level with modules without names, which for some reason were reset.
The problem is that you can’t change this archive, do not delete it or edit it.
Cryengine 5.4

editor.log ... f4jnbjLyVB


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flow graph in level.pak\mission_mission0.xml

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Re: Delete flow graph from the folder in the game

The level.pak file is for exported levels. This is used in the GameLauncher.
Flow Graph logic for the editor is stored inside the .lyr files. You may try moving layer files outside of the assets to determine which layer has the offending problem. then try to narrow down inside that layer what might be causing it.
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