64 bit coordinates?


I'm working on a kind of planetary voxel engine. I have an early version working with C++ and DirectX11. It handles LOD, chunks, uses multi-threading etc I'm currently working on collision and some new voxel algorithms that will let me do trees and buildings. These aren't Minecraft style voxels. I'm trying to make everything look like a normal 3D game. I'm simply using voxels so I can do procedural run-time generation and support things like caves and so forth with marching algorithms.

I'm pretty happy with it so far. However I'm trying to avoid doing all the work necessary to make it into a real game. In order to make this all work, I have to use 64 bit coordinates on the CPU side. On the GPU side I'm kind of keeping the camera at the origin and shifting everything around it. So I guess my question is, would it be possible to support this kind of thing using Cryengine? Right now most of the work is on the CPU side in C++. My Direct X code is bare bones so I'm guessing porting should be doable assuming the capability is there.

A couple of more things, I've never used a game engine before and I'm not really a game programmer. However I am a very experienced C++ programmer so I'm not adverse to doing some coding if I need to. Thanks in advance.

Re: 64 bit coordinates?

CRYENGINE is a entire platform, by this I mean it uses many optimizations with for example, the terrain heightmap and how the camera works in the world. It would take quite a bit of work to add this to the engine as you would need to change how entities are rendered and/or translated etc.

It is possible, and if you are fluent in C++ it may be doable, but whichever engine you use, you will need to work out how the engine renders stuff now, and this will give you an idea of how to adapt your project to the engine.

That said, CRYENGINE is native C++. Iteration time is generally fast, there are no hidden steps involved in compiling and all the source code is there.
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