GameSDK particle system issues...

Hi all,

I have recently picked up the cryengine after getting fed up with unity over the past few years. I have been experimenting with making a level from the GameSDK 5.5.2 “starter pack” with mixed success. I have just entered the release of particles (and the database view) and I have had some troubles to say the least...

For some reason, whenever I set the emitter to enabled it causes the icon to go red (presumably meaning I can’t place it???). If this is so, then this is extremely counter intuitive as surely enabling something makes it work?

Also, I can’t seem to be able to place any of the yellow iconed emmits outside clicking on it and yeeting my cursor across the screen fifty times on the off chance it will spawn whereas in tutorials online they can just click and drag to spawn...

My next issue was that I cannot work our how to spawn in the falling leaf effect as it doesn’t have an emmiter but in the woodland level it is used everywhere.

If anyone has a solution to any of my issues then please kindly let me know! Thank you for your time

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